index on censorship digital content intern


During the summer of 2017, I interned in London, England, as a digital content intern for Index on Censorship. I filmed, edited and wrote stories for their website by covering protests and events. I researched and conducted interviews for stories covering the human rights conflict in Bahrain. I also wrote a weekly recap of the stories published for the website. Additionally, I was asked to train other interns on pre-reporting, shooting and editing video for the website and social media. 

China Open Tennis Tournament Multi-Media Journalist

In the fall of 2016, I spent two weeks in Beijing, China, as a multi-media journalist for the China Open Tennis Tournament.  I covered tennis matches and various events at the tournament for their digital and social platforms. I also had the opportunity to conduct one-on-one interviews with Top 10 players as well as shoot and produced social media highlight videos from the interviews for social media. Additionally, I managed their social media accounts to increase audience engagement.  Writing styles for these two weeks included match recaps as well as enterprise pieces. 

I also compiled a project about the 2-Child Policy that came about a year before, October 2015.  I shot interviews on the Great Wall of China and in the Forbidden City while using a translator. The b-roll and photo project were shot throughout my whole trip to Beijing.

A year after the Chinese government lifted the ban on one child per family, Chinese citizens speak out with their thoughts on the policy change.

Columbia Missourian

At the Columbia Missourian, a daily paper serving the city of Columbia, Missouri, was a member of the Digital Marketing Team. Our goal was to help the Missourian achieve a consistent brand across all their platforms. After meeting with their director of community outreach and social media team, we developed a plan of action to help the Missourian achieve it's branding goals. I worked specifically to develop a daily email newsletter by deciphering what components readers in Columbia wanted to read. You can sign up to receive the newsletter on the Missourian's website.

I was also a video storyteller at the Missourian. I reported and produced video content on feature events within 24 hours of event for the Missourian's website.