As an aspiring journalist I seek to notice the seemingly insignificant details in life and unwrap the stories they hold.  In my efforts I am attentive and genuine, open-minded and positive, detail-oriented and meticulous, and passionate to reveal the truth.

I am currently a senior at the University of Missouri, Columbia, studying Journalism with an emphasis in Convergence Television Reporting and a minor in Business with aspirations to become a journalist and take storytelling to a whole new level. I spent a semester interning in New York City and this past summer interning in London, both while continuing my university studies. I am actively pursuing a full time position to begin after I graduate in May 2018.

When I graduate in May, I hope to take a job that offers opportunities to be a part of chasing challenging investigative stories to tell across the array of platforms. I have multi-platformed technical skills as well as a keen sense of curiosity that I'd like to put into daily practice. I want to tell stories that matter; stories that make viewers think and maybe even challenge the way they see certain topics. 

My passion for storytelling began when I was just a little girl.  From the early age of 6, I was challenged to embody a character’s mannerisms, wardrobe and voice for a performance on a stage.  I found myself energized when the curtains went up and when given the cue to begin telling that character’s story to the audience.    

My love for musical theater and telling the story of a new character grew as I moved through school such that I still find myself on stage every once in a while. Through many shows on stage, I learned what it took to capture an individual’s self and convey it to an audience.  When I began my studies at the Missouri School of Journalism  I knew I wanted to choose an emphasis that would provide a platform to tell others' stories and that's why I chose the Convergence program.

I refuse to become a talking head. I want to make a difference.  I want to crack the code of investigative stories to shed light on the truth so justice can be served.  With any news story it is paramount the facts are correct, but beyond that, it is imperative as a journalist to tell the story through the eyes of an individual.  Humanizing the situation is what makes the story authentic and worthy of a reader’s attention.

Taking the extra time to know my characters whether they be a victim of a crime, an award-winning philanthropist or a MLB star is an aspect of fact gathering that I find worth the time-investment. Conveying who people are and revealing the real crux of the story takes pointed questions as well acute focus and energy that I am ready to put forth. 

So open the curtain and let the work begin.