At KOMU-TV, the NBC Affiliate in Columbia, Missouri, I am a multimedia reporter for both the 4:30 a.m. show and the 9:00/10:00 p.m. shows. I pitch, report and produce all of my own content and often go live to front my stories. I write content for KOMU's website every time I report on a story and also tweet and publish Facebook Live posts when I am out in the field.  

I have anchored and reported for the 6:00 p.m. evening show. I also co-anchored the morning show with senior news anchor Megan Judy beginning at 4:30 a.m.. I have been a digital producer, managing all of KOMU's digital presence and also produced and anchored the morning cut-ins containing local news for Mid-Missouri during the TODAY Show.  

I am eager to master the skills it takes to be a prime-time reporter and anchor in my final semesters at the Missouri School of Journalism. 

Junior Hunter Bushnell suffered serious spinal injuries at practice Wednesday.
Kathy Kronk says she's one of the lucky ones because it was her second home and the people who live there year-round are the ones who need help.
The site that Equifax put out to customers to check if they've been hacked might expose more of their personal information.

One hundred and forty four types of tomatoes and 72 kinds of peppers will be available for visitors to taste test and vote on at the 13th Annual Tomato Festival in Columbia.

Artists from across the country are set to teach and perform at the fourth annual MoFlow Festival of the Arts in Kingdom City.

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During the fall of 2014 and 2015, I was a Friday Night Football Videographer at KOMU.  In this role, I filmed at & live 'tweeted' during Mid-Missouri high school football games on Friday nights. I brought film back to the news station to edit, write a script, and put together a story for the ten o’clock news, which contains the high school football highlights.


China Open Tennis Tournament Multi-Media Journalist

In the fall of 2016, I spent two weeks in Beijing, China, as a multi-media journalist for the China Open Tennis Tournament.  I covered tennis matches and various events at the tournament for their digital and social platforms. I also had the opportunity to do one-on-one interviews with Top 10 players as well as shoot and produced social media highlight videos from the interviews for social media.  Additionally, I managed their social media accounts to increase audience engagement.  Writing styles for these two weeks included match recaps as well as enterprise pieces. 

I also compiled a project about the 2-Child Policy that came about a year before, October 2015.  I shot interviews on the Great Wall of China and in the Forbidden City while using a translator. The b-roll and photo project were shot throughout my whole trip to Beijing.

A year after the Chinese government lifted the ban on one child per family, Chinese citizens speak out with their thoughts on the policy change.

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Columbia Missourian

At the Columbia Missourian, a daily paper serving the city of Columbia, Missouri, I am an active member of the Digital Marketing Team. Our goal is to help the Missourian achieve a consistent brand across all their platforms. After meeting with their director of community outreach and social media team, we developed a plan of action to help the Missourian achieve it's branding goals. I am working specifically to develop a daily email newsletter; currently deciphering what components will be most effective for an email newsletter for readers in Columbia.  

I am also a video storyteller at the Missourian. I report and produce video content on feature events within 24 hours of the end of the event for the Missourian's website.  

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During the fall semester of my junior year, I completed the course Broadcast News II. During this course, I reported for KOMU-TV pitching stories and executing packs for the 5 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 10 o'clock newscasts. All content was edited on Avid.

The following story is one of my enterprise stories that aired. 

While America waits for Trump to choose a healthcare policy, economist and healthcare professionals urge Missourians to be patient.

The following is one of my daily reporting stories that aired.

The Audrain County Bright Futures program became the largest in the country after adding Van-Far School District.

Missouri has seen a significant increase in child abuse and neglect reports in the last four years. But it could actually be good news. KOMU 8's Claire Kopsky takes us to a place in Columbia, Missouri, where abused children go after a report has been made.

This weekend, 27 youth wrestlers from one mid-Missouri wrestling club will pack their bags and head to St. Louis for the Missouri USA Wrestling State Championships. KOMU 8’s Claire Kopsky takes us to a private wrestling gym in Callaway County, Missouri, where a coach is making all the difference by taking the sport beyond the mat.

Across the country, April has become known as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. KOMU's Claire Kopsky takes us to Mexico, Missouri, where she sat down with a teenage victim of sexual assault to learn how an increase in awareness and reporting is affecting several mid-Missouri communities.

In late March 2015, Mizzou's Senior-Golf Captain and All-American, Ryan Zech, works on his game at The Club at Old Hawthorne in Columbia, Missouri. Over halfway through his final season as a SEC golfer, Zech reflects on his entry into the sport as an infant with plastic clubs and looks ahead to how he wants to give back to young golfers in his future.

At the Missouri School of Journalism, the class Multimedia Journalism (J2150) equips students with the technology they need to produce media and obtain experience in reporting.  My Multimedia Journalism class in the spring of 2015 focused on 'mobile journalism.' Therefore, all of my content was captured using an iPad.  I used the app FiLMiC Pro to capture all my video, Pinnacle Studio to edit all my video and Multi Track DAW to capture and edit all audio.